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Always My Safe Place!

When everything in my world turns upside down he is the one thing that is always right.

Arriving to this place in our marriage wasn’t an easy task by any means. It’s been a long road, one not without its fair share of bumps, many bumps, uphill battles, curves and detours. Yet it has also come with beautiful scenery, downhill coast, and  this journey is one that I would happily take over and over again.  


In two months we will be celebrating 15 years together, 4 more years and I will have been with him longer than I was ever without him. Wow 15 years!!!! When I think about the things that we have been through in that time it makes my head spin. No one would probably believe me even if I tried to tell it all. So many heartbreaking moments, but even more happy ones.

Oh the way this man loves me…..   20150530_195006

I have never been loved the way he loves me and he just keeps getting better and better. He is my safe place, he knows what to say and when to say it. He knows how to love me at my worst and when I am at my best. What is beautiful about that statement is that he chooses to love me even at my worst and these last few years I have definitely been at my worst. He chooses to love me because we have learned that loving your spouse is often a choice. You won’t always be in love, but you can always choose to love.

He is my calm in the storms of life, the whisper in the loudest room. Over the last 4 years he has become the one thing that I always know is there. When I begin to wander and doubt God’s love and intentions for my life I look into Brian’s eyes and there is where I see how much God loves me. God had to truly love me to send me a man such as this. A man that knows what I need before I even ask for it, a man that knows my heart, the true depths of  my heart.

Loving me even when I am unlovable. Wanting to make changes to be the best version of himself that he can. Bringing out the best in me. Renewing my faith in love, life and even fairytales. He is the logical to my emotional. Listening and allowing me to just talk it out. Now remember I said our road has had its fair share of hard times, we are human and we have to work things out, communicate and deal with our emotions and feelings just like everyone else. But anything worth having is worth working for.

 He is my safe place, everything is good, calm, and peaceful when I am with him. He is everything right in my world.20150713_193017


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