Who I really am, the me you thought you knew and the truth. 

These days I have kept my circle pretty tight. the people involved in that circle I thought I knew fairly well and I would have sworn knew me even better because I am a wide open book. The things that are important to me have always been important to me and the only thing that changes about that is sometimes I might add items or people to that list. I have always loved with all that I have and from the bottom of my heart, loyalty and trust being the two biggest qualities I look for in a friendship. They are also the two biggest qualities I give when that connection is made. It takes a lot for me to turn my back on someone I love because of the value I place on loyalty so that comes as a double edged sword. I usually get my heart broken a few times before I learn my lesson and finally let go. 

With all that is going on in our country today, in society I am seeing sides of people that I didn’t know existed and some people have said the same of me. What I find curious about that statement where I am concerned is I have always been a “what you see is what you get” kind of girl. So I wanted to clear up any confusion there may be where I am concerned. I have always fought for injustice especially in terms of race, gender, nationality, and religion. Equality should be a given in the most free country in the world. I have a hard time understanding why everyone wouldn’t want that. 

I don’t think I have ever been the kind of person to just randomly go around and shove my beliefs in anyone’s face however anytime something in society happens that could possibly affect my family I will always speak out, anytime something happens in society that could possibly threaten my family or someone I love or care about, I will always speak out, and anytime I see people that have claimed to love me or my family say and/or post things that go against or are directly opposite of the fundamentals that my family is built on I will always speak out. I will also ALWAYS speak out against anything that is against Equality in this country. 

With all of that being said I do not believe that everyone has to have the same beliefs as I do. I don’t even believe my friends and family have to agree with me but what I do expect is that they try and understand. They try and be supportive and mostly that you not look in my eyes, sit at my table and then say things or make post on social media that the things that do directly affect my family don’t exist, are made up or we should just get over. 

This is who I am, this is who I have always been and who I will always be. If this is not someone you would like in your life that is perfectly ok and I take no offense. 

If anyone is unclear about where I stand on any topic please ask. Better yet feel free to read further in my blog. Yes it’s 2016, sadly this country is still so very far from being an equal and fair country. I will fight for you as hard as I fight for mine. Go in peace light and love, but most of all go in Equality!!!


The people spoke, but what did they say?

I am no different than millions of people across America right now trying to understand what happened, where did things go wrong? For as many of us that think things went wrong there are three times as many people that think things went right. Those people think we are stupid, crazy and clueless for not wanting Donald Trump in office and I am here to present a different thought process. We aren’t stupid, crazy or clueless, we are simply a little fearful. We don’t want to move backwards. So many people are stuck on just the Presidency part of it and I am not sure they are thinking about the day to day lives that this changes. People are stuck on the thought that democrats are upset that republicans are in office and I don’t know if I want to laugh, scream or cry. People wake up I promise you not as many people care that republicans are back in office as you may think, it is this certain republican.  I will let that sit with you for a moment. It is not the party, it is that man!

I have seen lately people trying to compare Trump to Obama saying “Now you know how we felt” so forth and so on, however I am not sure how people compare the two. Obama was not and still is not a man of scandal. He did not run his election threatening to deport people for practicing their constitutional right of religion, he did not threaten to build a wall as a scare and intimidation tactic, nor did he result to making fun of, mocking, degrading, calling names, and using vulgar names when speaking of other humans yes that’s right I said it humans. So I challenge you all to ask your self what reason would you have had to be scared of Obama as an incoming president? Surely not because he was a democrat or black man because we do not fear the republican party. Many of us have lived with republicans in office for centuries and there were no protest. Just as many people have pointed out there were no protest going on when Obama was elected. That doesn’t just speak to the people of this country but to the man that was becoming president.


As I began researching for this blog I came upon story after story of hate filled bullying and crimes that have already begun and Mr. Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet. As I was reading through them the question began to rise in me are there really that many people in My America that are clueless to damage that this man has the potential to cause to so many people and cultures of people? Now that is one question that I can easily admit was applied to President Obama and as many can see he did not use his power to inflict damage as so many thought he would. So I will admit the same is possible with Mr. Trump.

My goal in sharing this blog today was to share my heart and my insight with those that I love that are on the opposite side of this issue. I just want to help others understand where the fear, feelings and outrage may be coming from.

When the leader of our free country stands before the people and he uses derogatory terms clear and out in the open then the people will also begin to do so without fear of any repercussion. Bigotry should not be a way of life that is just accepted and laughed about as if it is the American way. Whose America?  Woman should be able to stand with full confidence in any capacity at any podium and know that they are not viewed as just objects but as equals or are we really trying to set our country back 100 years?  If racism wasn’t evident before it will be now because the leader of our free country refers to African Americans as “The African Americans” and has stated and I quote “If Black Lives Don’t Matter Then Go Back To Africa.”  Clearly he doesn’t understand that 1) all black people didn’t come from Africa and 2) that the movement Black Lives Matter is trying to bring attention to the fact that for centuries black lives have not mattered and we want that to chance we want Black lives to matter too. As if that isn’t extremely close to home how about the mockery and disrespectful way in which he interacted with a disabled man. People with physical disabilities are often stared at, laughed at, made fun of and bullied sometimes on a daily bases, but now we have the President of the united States doing it so who is going to set the mandate to stop bullying in our schools? These things I have spoke on are just the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t even touched on the infamous wall and eradicating Muslims from the free country. You all do remember that right. This is supposed to be a FREE country, but not if you are gay, black, Muslim, Mexican, and only if you are a submissive woman.

These are some of the reasons why people are in the streets protesting Mr. Trump.  These are some of the reasons that people, a great number of people are afraid right now.

With that being said I will play devils advocate, no pun intended. We are here now and the man deserves the chance to see what he can do. For those of us that have been in his cross hairs during his campaign, the brunt of his jokes, at the end of his nasty words, all that we can do is pray that the things he said were part of a tactic to win and not things he actually intends to stand by. I pray he does not make good on some of those promises.  So many people believe that to be against Mr. Trump must have meant I was pro Hillary and I won’t denied on some things I was. I will remind everyone there were actually more than two people to vote for. I wish more people would have realized that.

I am a Citizen of the United States and I want to know that I have the right to chose whatever religion I so chose even if that is converting and becoming a Muslim. I am a disabled woman and I am not garbage as been implied by  Mr. Trump, I add a lot of value to this world. My children are Bi-racial and my husband is black and their black lives matter too, they were born right here why should they ever be told to go to Africa. The America that so many people are excited to go back to is an America without Equality, without tolerance, without acceptance and knowledge of others different from you. It is an America where my family and many other families much like mine have no place much less feel safe.