Underserving favor, I feel so undeserving of many things and Grace is definitely at the top of that list. Love would have to be next on that list, I guess people would probably describe me as putting on a brave face, however I feel completely unlovable. So if I am not worthy of love why would I be worthy of trust, friendship, honesty, patience, and especially Grace, God’s Grace.


    Maybe it’s not finding Grace that is so hard but accepting it for our self and even more than that extending it to others. The thought of it is so beautiful and can truly take your breath away when you think about what it means.

  • Showing favor in a situation when favor is not earned
  • Goodwill especially towards one that does not deserve it
  • Extending love or care to others without thought or concern for ones self


   There are so many more examples just like this. Jesus gives Grace as easily as he gives breath. More than find it for myself I want to learn how to be Graceful even in the toughest of situations. I want to leave people better than I find them and I want them to say as they leave my presence that I was full of Grace and love. I have a lot of work to do.